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As my granddaughters approach college age, I do not have to worry about changing their investments because inVEST’s Age-Based Evolving Portfolios do it for me.

Benjamin Hampton

Virginia529 inVEST is a direct-sold savings Internal Revenue Code Section 529 qualified tuition program offered by Virginia529. inVEST offers portfolios of stocks and bonds, intended specifically for the payment of qualified higher education expenses for the designated beneficiary.

Benefits such as low fees, tax advantages, diverse investment options and flexibility are reasons this program is consistently ranked by Morningstar and other independent sources among the top 529 programs in the country.

We can help pay for their future education little by little now without hurting our retirement or going into debt when the college bills start coming in 13 years.

David B., Falls Church, Virginia

Purchase Options

inVEST is Virginia529’s direct–sold savings program featuring a range of diverse investment options to meet a variety of investment objectives, risk tolerances and college savings time horizons. Enrollment is open year round and there are no state residency or beneficiary age requirements for enrollment. It takes only $25 to get started and you choose how much and how often to contribute from there.

Virginia529 tutorials: Opening an inVEST Account

Two basic types of portfolios are offered by inVEST:

  • Age–Based Portfolios
    • These portfolios provide an investment mix based on the target beneficiary’s age and adjust automatically over time, becoming more conservative as the beneficiary approaches college age. You are not limited to the portfolio that corresponds to your beneficiary’s age but may be guided by the beneficiary’s age and your risk tolerance.
  • Static Portfolios
    • These portfolios have static investment strategies and do not change over time. Many of these portfolios feature investments in Vanguard mutual funds, both active and indexed funds. Some of these portfolios have a diversified asset allocation and some implement a single investment strategy.

Additional information on the target asset allocations, investment managers and performance in each inVEST portfolio can be found in the inVEST Performance section.

You may invest in more than one portfolio, whether Age–Based or Static. Each portfolio selected will be created as a separate account. You may change your investment selection Twice per calendar year without tax penalty due to IRS restrictions.

Thanks to Virginia529 inVEST, my daughter’s dreams won’t have to wait on finding financing, and she won’t be saddled with the tremendous debt that a lot of college graduates have now.

Michael M., Floyd, Virginia

Payout Options

Money saved with inVEST may be used for any qualified higher education expenses including tuition, fees, certain room & board, books, required supplies and equipment and special needs services. Using benefits is simple. You provide the anticipated usage date of benefits at the time the account is opened and in the spring of that year you will receive information on how to use benefits. Typically only a distribution request form must be completed for every amount paid out which contains specific instructions to whom distributions should be paid, whether as a reimbursement for an amount already paid or payment directly to an eligible educational institution.

Our commitment to socially- and environmentally-responsible investment was non-negotiable, but few companies offered such options. After much research, we found Virginia529 InVEST's Socially-Targeted Investment Portfolio. This allowed us to save for our children’s college needs, while supporting companies that share our values.

Melody K., Leavenworth, Washington

Performance & Risk

Virginia529 inVEST involves investment risk including the possible loss of principal and interest. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It is important to read the inVEST Program Description which contains detailed information on all portfolios including investment managers, performance, asset allocations and fees before investing.

After moving overseas, we kept making contributions to our inVEST accounts. Our daughter is looking at colleges in both the U.S. and the U.K. The flexible nature of her inVEST account means we can use the money saved at any university approved as an eligible institution, at home or abroad.

David G., Metuchen, New Jersey

inVEST Tutorial

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