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Jumpstart Your Savings with a $25 Bonus!


It’s Financial Literacy Month, and Virginia529 has launched its “Jump$tart Your Savings” giveaway to help families make the first step in preparing for their children’s future.

Open a new Invest529 account between April 18, 2022, and April 30, 2022, and use the gift code SAVE25APRIL2022 while opening the account to receive a bonus $25 contribution. Simply enter the code in the “Gift Card” payment section of your application. Whether you’re saving for your own education or the education of a loved one, Virginia529 wants to help make your dreams a reality!

Setting up an account takes 15 minutes, and it makes a lifetime of difference in your child’s future.

Opening an Invest529 account is simple and convenient. So get started today to participate in this springtime promotion!

One of the common misconceptions about 529 plans is that they are designed solely for four-year schools, or for those seeking a traditional college degree. 529 plans were designed to be flexible, and they cover a variety of pathways to help individuals and families achieve their dreams.

You can use a Virginia529 account for eligible public or private universities, graduate schools, apprenticeship programs, repaying certain student loans and private or religious K-12 schools, among other qualified uses.

This month, let Virginia529 help you make the leap to start saving for your children’s education!

Read the Jump$tart Your Savings terms and conditions and get the details.

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