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Two new inVEST portfolios to open January 1


Savers will have two new portfolio options in Virginia529 inVEST on January 1, 2017.

2036 Portfolio

The 2036 Portfolio is an age-based portfolio with an investment mix based on a beneficiary age recommendation of newborn to three and an anticipated first year of usage in 2036.

As with other age-based portfolios, the 2036 Portfolio will adjust automatically over time to become more capital preservation-oriented as the beneficiary approaches college age. (Account owners are not limited to the portfolio that corresponds to the beneficiary’s age but may be guided by the beneficiary’s age and their own risk tolerance.)

FDIC-Insured Portfolio

The FDIC-Insured Portfolio joins inVEST’s passively-managed static investment options. With a goal to preserve principal while seeking income, the FDIC-Insured Portfolio may appeal to risk-averse investors or those with a shorter time period before the funds are needed for higher education.

The underlying assets in this portfolio will be held in an omnibus bank savings account with Union Bank & Trust. The underlying omnibus bank account’s initial interest rate will be 0.5 percent, which is subject to change.

As with other bank products, balances in this portfolio are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000, the maximum amount currently allowed by federal law. Note that other balances held in accounts with Union Bank & Trust may be aggregated in determining the maximum coverage amount.

Portfolio Category Allocation on January 1, 2017
2036 Portfolio Age-Based 80% Equity/20% Fixed Income
FDIC-Insured Portfolio Passively-Managed Static 100% FDIC-Insured Omnibus Account


Check back January 1, 2017 for more information about both new portfolios. Until then, view the existing inVEST portfolio options.

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