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Savings Options

Complement your current Virginia529 account with another program. Because Virginia529’s options are as diverse as the people who save with us, opening more than one type of account may help you meet more of your goals.

Tuition program

Prepay semesters of college tuition and redeem them in the future at your choice of institution

For tuition and mandatory fees

Savings programs

Save at your own pace through options ranging from an FDIC-insured bank savings account to investment portfolios

Work with your financial advisor to reach your savings goals

For any qualified higher education expense, including tuition, room and board, textbooks, computers, required supplies and equipment or private or religious K-12 tuition


Savings program first, then Prepaid529

Some customers save in an Invest529 account and grow their investments over time before rolling the funds into Prepaid529 semesters.

Prepaid529 with savings program for other expenses

A family with Prepaid529 may add an Invest529 or CollegeAmerica account to save for expenses beyond tuition.