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Give a Gift

Birthdays, holidays, graduations and the birth of a new baby are just some of the opportunities to help another prepare for a successful future. Give a gift that’s sure to be appreciated by a parent or future student.

Virginia529 offers three easy ways to make a contribution to another person's account:


Contribute online

  • Use Virginia529's secure Gift Center to authorize a one-time debit from your bank to an existing Prepaid529 or Invest529 account.
  • Design a custom notification for the recipient, which you can deliver via email and/or print.
  • Store your information, if you choose, for future gifting and view a summary of your gift(s).


Gift of College gift card

Gift cards from Gift of College

  • Purchase a "Gift of College" gift card.
  • Can be funded anywhere from $25 to $500 – you pick the amount.

Redeem your gift card


Contribute by mail

  • Select and print a certificate that best fits your occasion.
  • Mail the top portion with a check to Virginia529.
  • Present the bottom half to the lucky recipient!

By mail

To contribute to a CollegeAmerica account, contact American Funds or your financial advisor.

Help others give to your Virginia529 account

New to Virginia529 is an online, no fee way to contribute to any Prepaid529 or Invest529 account. Your account(s) has been given a custom gift ID number, which you will find when you log in to your secure Virginia529 account. Share that custom gift ID with family members and friends to make gifting easy for you both - the custom ID is safe to share on social media as it keeps your account information private while directing gifts to the intended recipient and account. Always the right size and color, our new Gift Center is like a registry for college and K-12 tuition expenses!

Find your gift ID number

Open your own Virginia529 account

Starting a Virginia529 account is another way to give the gift of education, even if your loved one is already the beneficiary of another’s account.

As a Virginia529 account owner, you retain control of the account while making a completed gift of your contributions, and you reap the rewards of Virginia’s income tax deduction.

You don’t have to live in Virginia to save with Virginia529.

Open an account