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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Gift ID is anonymous and is safe to be shared any way you want – in person, over the phone, through social media, etc.

Your personal Gift ID can be retrieved from the secure Virginia529 online account portal. Once logged in, select the Gift Center link in the main navigation. On the Gift Center home page, scroll down “Gift ID Information” and select the appropriate account (if more than one) and copy your Gift ID.

Virginia529 doesn’t charge fees to the giver or the account owner for making contributions through the online Virginia529 Gift Center. However, Virginia529 and/or your financial institution may assess fees for rejected transactions or insufficient funds. Gift cards purchased at Target and H-E-B retail locations, and online at include a convenience fee to cover distribution and processing. The gift card fee is paid by the gift card purchaser and the gift recipient receives the gift card amount.

Gifts of up to $15,000 per year, or up to $30,000 if married, to any one person are gift tax free.

You should consult a professional concerning any financial, tax or legal implications related to making a gift contribution to a Virginia529 account. Virginia529 does not provide legal, financial or tax advice to any person making a gift.