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Invest in yourself or a loved one by saving for higher education and job training

Introduction to Invest529

Saving on your own terms

Choose where you save, how much and how often

Reach your goals for funding higher education with award-winning Invest529.
Start saving today with just $10.

Customize your strategy with more than 20 choices

Target enrollment investment portfolios

Take the guesswork out of investing with a portfolio that matches the date you or your loved one will begin using the funds for higher education. Your investments automatically become more conservative each year as the date approaches.

Static investment portfolios

Invest in a specific asset allocation or type of investment that remains the same over time. Options include aggressive and conservative risk objectives and active and passive management. Many feature investments in Vanguard mutual funds. Some have a diversified asset allocation and others implement a single investment strategy.

FDIC-insured saving portfolio

Preserve principal and enjoy 529 tax benefits in this bank savings account maintained by Virginia529. As with other bank accounts, contributions to and earnings on funds in this portfolio are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000, the maximum amount set by federal law.

Starting their kids on the right foot
Roxanne and John | Virginia
Flexibility and security
Suzanne | Virginia

Getting started

Select one of Invest529’s available portfolios or create a custom allocation mix with more than one portfolio. Each portfolio selected becomes a unique account.

Enrollment is open year round and there are no state residency or beneficiary age requirements for enrollment.

The minimum initial deposit is $10 and you choose how much and how often to contribute in the future.

Growing your account

Regular, automatic additions to your account help you:

Money tree

Grow your account faster

Stop watch

Save time

Money in hand

Reach your goals


Simplify your life

Here’s how:

Enroll in ACH transfers

Reach your goals faster and put your savings on autopilot with automated monthly contributions from your checking or savings account.

Make a one-time deposit

Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and the end of school with an extra contribution. Use some of a financial windfall such as a tax refund or employment bonus to give your account a boost.

View gift certificate options

Ask family and friends to give the gift of education by contributing to your account with a Virginia529 gift certificate.

Changing your investment selection

Log into your secure Virginia529 profile to change the portfolio selection of your Invest529 account.

The IRS limits investment changes for 529 plans to twice per calendar year.

Change my portfolio selection

Using Invest529 for higher education and job training

In the spring of the year you or your loved one will begin using the account (based on information you provided at enrollment), Virginia529 will send you a guide for requesting your funds.

Choose where to send your funds

Direct Virginia529 to distribute funds from your account to yourself, the account beneficiary or an eligible educational institution

Fast turnaround

Most distribution requests are processed the same day submitted to Virginia529. You can receive your funds in as little as one to two days with an ACH deposit to your bank checking or saving account.

Use for a variety of expenses

Money saved with Invest529 may be used for many types of qualified higher education expenses including tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, textbooks, computers and related equipment, required supplies, special needs services and tuition at private or religious K-12 schools.


Invest529 portfolios

See each portfolio’s target asset allocation, investment managers and performance.

View portfolios

Invest529 Program Description

Review detailed information including investment managers, performance, asset allocations and fees before investing.

View Program Description