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Saving for higher education can be a challenge, but Virginia529 families are finding solutions to turn their education dreams into reality.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Virginia529 Smart Saver, find inspiration and encouragement in these tips, ideas and real–life experiences from current and past Virginia529 customers.

Current and past Virginia529 Smart Savers:

Have you overcome a financial hurdle to save for college? Are you saving in a unique way? Maybe your child or grandchild has started (or even completed) his or her education and you can share how your account contributed to their success? You could inspire another family to get started making their loved one’s dreams of college come true.

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Relief after job loss

I'm Andrea and I'm an attorney. My sons are Ameen (23) and Adam (22). I chose Virginia529 because I wanted to support Virginia. I researched the plan and thought it was wonderful. Given that we have a wonderful education system in Virginia I thought it was likely my sons would choose Virginia colleges. If not, I knew I still had the option to use my account at schools in other states.

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