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A Holiday Gift with Staying Power


This year, consider giving the children in your life a gift with more enduring value and utility than another new doll or a flashy hoverboard – the gift of education in a Virginia529 account.

By starting or contributing to a Virginia529 account for your child, grandchild, or other relative, you open doors for the future and lessen the burdens of debt or repayment plans. This gift is more than a present for the holidays; it’s an investment in the child’s dreams.

To add some flair for the kids, pair the gift certificate with a tangible symbol of what an education can bring. For example, if your child dreams of being a veterinarian, give the gift certificate with a stuffed animal. Budding architects might get a set of building blocks alongside the gift certificate, while astronauts can receive stargazing equipment.

Plus, opening or adding to your Virginia529 account rewards you with a gift, too. Account owners who pay Virginia state income taxes can claim a state individual income tax deduction of up to $4,000 per account.

This year, give the gift of education. Enjoy the holidays!

Virginia529 Gift Certificates

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