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Making an Invest529 withdrawal

It’s finally time to use your Invest529 account. Learn about the process of requesting a withdrawal and some other helpful tips to keep in mind.

Withdrawing from an Invest529 Account

Ready to withdraw funds from your Invest529 account?

As the Account Owner, you can make a withdrawal request any time you need to pay for qualified expenses related to Higher Ed, K-12, Student Loans and Apprenticeships.

Before making a withdrawal, make sure your account is up-to-date. This includes contact information for you and your student and bank account information. Changing information during the withdrawal process may result in a processing delay.

The fastest way to pay for tuition or other qualified expenses is through your online account.

Follow these steps to make a withdrawal

  • 1

    Sign into your online account.

  • 2

    Select Manage My Accounts, then Withdraw Funds.

  • 3

    On the Withdraw Funds page, select Get Started and select the appropriate account.

  • 4

    Select the purpose of the withdrawal. If selecting a purpose of “Higher Education” or “K-12 Education,” enter the school name and Student ID (if applicable).

  • 5

    Select where you want to send the funds. Funds may be sent to the account owner, student, or the school.

    When sending funds to yourself or your student, you can choose a bank transfer or a check. If sending funds directly to the school, they are sent as an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or a check, depending on the school.

  • 6

    Enter an amount to withdraw and a preferred method to receive the funds.

  • 7

    Review the details and submit the request. Withdrawals are typically processed within 2-3 business days.

Ready to make an Invest529 withdrawal?

Log in to your account and request a withdrawal.

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