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Tuition Track Portfolio Details

How does Tuition Track work?

100 units = 1 year of Average Tuition

When you invest in the Tuition Track Portfolio, it’s like locking in the current costs of college. You can invest as much as you can - cover part or all of your student’s future tuition - it’s up to you.

Every year, the Average Tuition at Virginia public colleges and universities is calculated and divided into 100 units. You choose how many units to purchase and how often to buy them.

When it’s time to use your units, your student will receive one year of the current Average Tuition for every 100 units previously purchased, regardless of how much tuition rates have grown.

Three ways to save

Make monthly contributions

Put your contributions on autopilot by setting up automated monthly contributions from your checking or savings account.

Prepay up to four years of tuition

Make a one-time contribution for up to 1,000 units, which will guarantee your student at least four years of Average Tuition when it’s time to use your account.

Contribute what you want, when you want

Make contributions that fit your budget by purchasing units (or partial units) at your own pace.

Tuition Track calculations

The Tuition Track unit price (Average Tuition divided by 100) is calculated annually on or about July 15.

Current Average Tuition

$15,100 / year

Tuition Track Unit Price

$151 / unit

Paying for college with Tuition Track

Currently, Tuition at more than half of Virginia’s colleges costs less than 100 units a year. If your school charges more than Average Tuition, you still will have more to pay to cover the Tuition bill. Some lower-priced schools, or community colleges may charge less than Average Tuition. In that case, your surplus units could be used toward room and board, meals, books, or any other qualified higher education expenses.

School A

At School A, you would need to use 112.6 units of Average Tuition (112.6 units * $151/unit = $17,000) to cover your annual Tuition.


Current Tuition & Fees

- $15,100

100 Units paid


Left to pay toward Tuition

School B

At School B, you would need to use 82.76 units of Average Tuition (86.1 units * $151/unit = $13,000) to cover your annual Tuition.


Current Tuition & Fees

- $15,100

100 Units paid


Surplus for other qualified higher education expenses

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Chart illustrates Tuition and Fees 2023-2024. Tuition and Average Tuition amounts are for illustration purposes only. Source: State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Tuition Track portfolio features

Exclusively for Virginia residents

At the time of opening a Tuition Track Portfolio Account, either the Account Owner or the Student must be a Virginia resident.

Purchase units until high school graduation

Units may be purchased through the June 30th preceding the Expected Usage Date, typically the year of high school graduation. After that, any additional savings will have to be invested in another Invest529 portfolio.

Cost changes annually

The cost to purchase a Tuition Track unit changes annually on or about July 15th.

Eligible to be used after a 3-year hold

Units are eligible for use once they have been held for three or more years and the student reaches the Expected Usage Date or begins taking eligible post-secondary courses.1

Up to 1,000 units

A Student may have a maximum of 1,000 units at any time.

Tuition Track withdrawals

Just like other Invest529 portfolios, the Account Owner can make a withdrawal request any time the need to pay for qualified expenses related to Higher Ed, K-12, Student Loans and Apprenticeships arises.

Unlike other Invest529 portfolios, to receive the full maturity value of your units, they must be held for three (3) years and your student must reach their Expected Usage Date.

To calculate your payout, the number of units that have reached Maturity Value are multiplied by the Average Tuition.

Tuition Track Payout Calculation

$151 x 100 = $15,100

If 100 units purchased have reached Maturity Value, and the Average Tuition for 2024 is $151, you’d receive a payout of $15,100.

See the Invest529 Withdrawal Guide for more information.

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1 If you choose to redeem your units earlier than the Expected Usage Date and you are not using them for eligible post-secondary courses, you’ll receive your contributions plus Tuition Track Interest, assuming the units have been held for three or more years.