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A free and easy way to boost your financial wellness program

Virginia529@work educates employees through information sessions, benefits/wellness fairs, and customized resources to help employees make informed decisions about saving for education expenses with a 529 plan, creating a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

Why partner with Virginia529@work

Enhance financial wellness

Employees will appreciate the opportunity to learn about saving for education expenses while at work. A broad financial wellness program helps improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Easy administration

Virginia529@work offers free, easy to schedule information sessions, including webinars, for employees and turnkey resources, ready to share. There is no contract or payroll deduction (like other benefits). The employee opens and manages the 529 account.

Virginia529 is a trusted organization

As the largest 529 plan in the country with customers throughout the U.S., Virginia529 has been helping families dream, save and achieve for over 25 years.

Connect with Virginia529@work

Schedule an information session, request materials, or discuss other ways to share Virginia529 with employees.

Get Started

91% of employers see higher employee satisfaction when they offer resources to manage overall well-being and 80% of employees think employers should play a role in supporting their financial wellness.1

Employer resources

Comprehensive materials for employers to share with employees to learn about Virginia529 and for HR professionals to learn more about Virginia529@work .

For employees

Program Brochure

Brief introduction of the programs Virginia529 offers.

Webinar Flyer

Customize a flyer for an upcoming webinar

On-demand Virginia529 Webinar

Watch a previously recorded webinar for employees

Virginia529 Blog

Get the latest news and information from Virginia529

For HR professionals

Virginia529@work Overview

Learn more information about the employer program

Virginia529@work Webinar

Watch a video explaining the employer program in more detail

Virginia529@work FAQs

1. 2022 Workplace Benefits Report by Bank of America