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Help your employees save for higher education

Empower your employees to achieve financial wellness

Do your employees worry about their finances and how they will pay for future higher education expenses?

More than ever, employers understand the importance of investing in financial wellness benefits to improve employee satisfaction, retention and productivity, while also alleviating financial stress.

Many people don’t know about 529 accounts, and how these accounts can help families save for higher education costs and reduce the need for student loans.

Educating your employees about saving for higher education for themselves or loved ones results in employees that are happier, more satisfied at work and less stressed about their finances.

Introducing Virginia529@work

It’s a free, easy-to-administer benefit.  No contract required.

We educate your employees at work – on why and how to save for higher education with a 529 account. Plus, we work with you to create a custom program that fits the needs of your employees and organization.

More than half of employees want to make their own financial decisions, but are looking for someone to help validate that decision. A growing number of employees are using the services their employer provides to assist them with their personal finances.”1

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1. PwC 2018 Employee Wellness Survey