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Get to Know Virginia529

For more than twenty years, Virginia529 has helped millions of families plan and save for future college expenses. Now, its tax-advantaged 529 savings programs can help you save for all future higher education expenses, K-12 tuition at private and religious schools, student loan repayment and more. Learn how Virginia529 can help you prepare for the future.

6 Myths of Saving in a 529 Plan

529 plans have been around for decades, and although they’re a college savings vehicle that continues to grow in popularity, a number of misconceptions about them persist. Here are some of the biggest myths about saving for education using a 529 plan.

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Representatives from Virginia529 attend events throughout the community. Get real answers to your questions about saving for higher education.

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NEW Invest529 Option, the Tuition Track Portfolio



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What’s Next in Virginia529 Savings Options?

Virginia529 has been working to expand Invest529 to include a new portfolio option that helps families invest in their loved ones’ futures and keeps pace with average tuition inflation rates at Virginia public universities.

4 Ways to Use a 529 Account

529 plans are designed to be flexible, and in recent years the approved uses have grown to include more pathways that assist individuals and families in achieving their dreams.