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Low fees help your money grow faster

Understanding Fees and Expenses


Learn more about the types of fees charged by Invest529 and how they are applied to your account.

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Fees and Expenses

Invest529’s low fees provide the necessary revenue for the program to operate as an independent, self-sustaining 529 plan. Invest529 makes every effort to operate as efficiently as possible, which helps keep fees among the lowest in the industry.

There are two types of fees that account owners may incur on their account — asset-based and service.

Asset-Based Fees

Asset-based fees include both the Asset Management Fee and the Administrative Fee. These combine to create the total Expense Ratio for an investment portfolio. The effect of Asset-Based Fees is a reduction of the daily Net Asset Value (also referred to as Unit Price) of each Portfolio.

Asset Management Fee

The Asset Management Fee is set by and paid to the underlying fund managers (Vanguard, Templeton, Invesco, etc.). These fees are influenced by characteristics such as the asset allocation or active fund management and can vary widely by fund manager.

Administrative Fee

Invest529 charges one of the lowest Administrative Fees among all 529 plans. These fees help cover general operating costs, which include payroll, investment management and custodial fees, software maintenance and development, marketing and communications, and fees for other services necessary to operate the program.

Virginia529 receives no funding from state tax revenue and Invest529 operations are supported by Administrative Fees. Accordingly, Virginia529 assesses an Administrative Fee to all Invest529 accounts to offset general operating expenses.

Portfolio Types

Asset-Based Fees by Portfolio

Target Enrollment

Portfolios Asset Management Fee Administrative Fee Expense Ratio
2039 0.314% 0.049% 0.363%
2036 0.298% 0.049% 0.347%
2033 0.268% 0.049% 0.317%
2030 0.238% 0.049% 0.287%
2027 0.177% 0.049% 0.226%
2024 0.114% 0.049% 0.163%
2021 0.043% 0.049% 0.092%

Index Portfolios

Portfolios Asset Management Fee Administrative Fee Expense Ratio
Total Stock Market Index 0.020% 0.049% 0.069%
Total Bond Market Index 0.030% 0.049% 0.079%
Total International Stock Index 0.070% 0.049% 0.119%
Inflation Protection Securities 0.070% 0.049% 0.119%
REIT Index 0.100% 0.049% 0.149%

Target Risk Portfolios

Portfolios Asset Management Fee Administrative Fee Expense Ratio
Aggressive Growth 0.040% 0.049% 0.089%
Moderate Portfolio 0.041% 0.049% 0.090%
Conservative Income 0.042% 0.049% 0.091%
Active Aggressive 0.329% 0.049% 0.378%
Active Moderate 0.261% 0.049% 0.310%
Active Conservative 0.157% 0.049% 0.206%

Principal Protected Portfolios

Portfolios Asset Management Fee Administrative Fee Expense Ratio
Tuition Track 0.000% 0.000% 0.000%
FDIC-Insured 0.000% 0.000% 0.000%
Stable Value 0.043% 0.049% 0.092%

Specialty Portfolios

Portfolios Asset Management Fee Administrative Fee Expense Ratio
ESG Core Equity 0.510% 0.049% 0.559%
Global Equity Portfolio 0.309% 0.049% 0.358%

Service Fees

Invest529 charges certain fees to help cover the cost of some services.

Notable Service Fees include:

  • Paper application: $50
  • Rollover to another Qualified Tuition Program: $25
  • Account owner change: $10
  • Expedited withdrawal: $50

Invest529 does not charge fees for:

  • Online applications
  • Annual maintenance
  • Withdrawals for qualified education expenses
  • Changing Investments

For more information on fees and expenses, review the Invest529 Program Description.