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About Virginia529

Helping families plan for their future - one dream at a time.

Virginia529 strives to help make the financial lives of Virginians, and all Americans, better through its commitment to affordable and accessible savings programs, and financial education. Available nationwide with account owners in every state, Virginia529 is currently the largest 529 plan, managing more than $96.6 billion in assets (as of January 31, 2024).

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Virginia529’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Virginia529 diverse perspectives are embraced and people are treated with respect. Our success is possible only by recognizing the distinct talents and variety of experiences of each person and working together to serve the community and expand access to education and independence.

A Pledge to Equity

The concept of equity is a bedrock principle for Virginia529. The agency’s enabling legislation provided the basic mandate to enhance the accessibility and affordability of higher education for all citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond. That original mission was expanded with passage of federal and state Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) legislation. In 2016, ABLE accounts became part of Virginia529’s offerings – and with that came a new mandate to support the financial goals of individuals with disabilities.

A Growing Network of Services

Virginia529 leadership constantly seeks new ways to assist families, regardless of income, age, race, ethnicity, gender orientation, ability or geography, through a number of measures.

The achievements of the individuals, communities and organizations that Virginia529 serves is the ultimate measure of its success. All of the services provided are designed to best prepare families for their future financial needs.

Program Enhancements

Technology Improvements


Scholarship Offerings

Virginia529 through the Years

In 1994, the Virginia General Assembly authorized Virginia529, an independent, self-sustaining agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to develop a program that would help citizens save for the increasing costs of higher education.

In its more than 25-year history, Virginia529 has evolved and adapted to meet the expanded educational landscape and the changing needs of families. At the heart of Virginia529’s mission is providing the foundation and support individuals need to achieve future success.

Virginia’s Savings Success Story Begins

Virginia Capital Building

For many families, Virginia529 is often one of the earliest sources of information, education and assistance when it comes to planning for education and careers through:

To further support its mission of financial inclusion and educational attainment, Virginia529 partners with, among others:

Operational Excellence

As an independent state agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia with over 100 employees, Virginia529’s agency and program operations are funded entirely through the modest fees it charges for its college savings programs. The Virginia529 board approves the agency’s budget and all changes to programs, including the fees charged to participants. Virginia529’s operating funding must be appropriated by the General Assembly through the biennial appropriations act.

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Virginia529 is governed by an 11-member board, consisting of experts in finance, investments, and education.


Virginia529 is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team.


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