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For faster processing, submit most forms online through your secure Virginia529 account. Log in before selecting the online option below to navigate directly to that form.

  • Account Access Authorization

    Authorize an individual or entity to access account information on your Prepaid529, Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account.

  • Account Owner Change

    Transfer ownership of your Prepaid529, Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account to another individual or entity.

  • Application – Invest529

    Open a new Invest529 account.

  • Application – Prepaid529

    Open a new Prepaid529 account. Enrollment is currently delayed pending legislative review.

  • Automated Payment Authorization

    Set up an automated transfer from your checking or savings to your Prepaid529 and/or Invest529 account.

  • Beneficiary Change

    Change the beneficiary on your Prepaid529, Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account.

  • Cancellation Request

    Terminate your Prepaid529, Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account.

  • Change of Address

    Update the address on your Prepaid529, Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account.

  • Coverdell/U.S. Savings Bond Transfer

    Fund your account with proceeds from a Coverdell Education Savings Account (EDUCATION IRA) or Series EE or I U.S. Savings Bonds.

  • Designated Survivor

    Select or change a Designated Survivor or add or change a Successor Designated Survivor on your Prepaid529, Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account.

  • Distribution Request

    Request a withdrawal from your Invest529 and/or CollegeWealth account.

  • Intent to Enroll

    Notify Virginia529 you are using your Prepaid529 benefits.

  • Redeposit Request

    Request the redeposit of 529 funds that were previously distributed from your Virginia529 Account

  • Refinance/Downgrade Request

    Change the payment terms on your Prepaid529 account.

  • Payroll Deduction Assistant

    Create a new payroll deduction and modify or cancel existing payroll deductions.

  • Rollover/Investment Direction/Transfer

    Fund your Virginia529 account with proceeds from another Qualified Tuition Plan, change the portfolio selection of an existing Invest529 account or transfer funds to and from other Virginia529 accounts.