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Beneficiaries now have access to 1099-Qs


Good news: Account beneficiaries can now create a secure login for to access electronic versions of Form 1099-Qs reflecting certain distributions. Previously, 1099-Qs for distributions payable to a school or to the beneficiary were only sent by U.S. mail to the beneficiary.

Account owners, help your account beneficiary set up access. Share the instructions below:

To access your Form 1099-Q as a beneficiary, you will need three things: (1) your Social Security number, (2) a Virginia529 account number for which you are a beneficiary and (3) your ZIP code.

Once you have gathered these three pieces of information, follow this process to establish your account:

  • Visit the Virginia529 secure login page
  • Select “Create Account,” followed by “Establish Online Access”
  • Provide your three identifying pieces of information listed above
  • Create your login ID and password and complete a short registration process

After completing your registration, you can access any 1099-Q(s) available to you from the landing page.

Virginia529 secure login page

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