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Buy 5 Units, get a Bonus Unit with the Tuition Track High 5 Giveaway!


It’s the end of the school year for most families, and that means summer camps and family vacations! It’s also a time to reflect on another completed chapter of learning, and get ready for the next one.

To celebrate the summer break, and to reward families for saving for the future, Virginia529℠ has launched the Tuition Track High 5 Giveaway!

Add five Units to a new or existing Tuition Track Portfolio account (a roughly $700 contribution) by June 30, 2022, and you will get a BONUS Unit (a roughly $140 contribution). *

Terms and Conditions apply, read the rules here.


Follow these three steps to participate in the Tuition Track High 5 Giveaway:

Step 1: If you are a new customer, visit the Get Started page at to open an Invest529℠ account and designate the Tuition Track Portfolio as your investment selection. Existing customers can log in to their account and designate funds for the Tuition Track Portfolio.

Want to learn more about the Tuition Track Portfolio first? Visit the Tuition Track Portfolio page, watch an on-demand video, or use Tuition Track Calculator to learn more about the portfolio.

Step 2: Add at least five Units to your Tuition Track Portfolio account by making a minimum contribution of $694.20. *

Step 3: Receive your bonus Unit in your account. **


Frequently Asked Questions about the Tuition Track High 5 Giveaway

Is this promotion only for new accounts?

No. New and existing Invest529 account owners can participate in the Tuition Track High 5 Giveaway!


How do I know if I’ve contributed enough to qualify for the promotion?

The 2021-22 Unit price is $138.84 per Unit. To qualify for the Bonus Unit, account owners must contribute enough to add five Units to their account, a total amount of $694.20.


Do I have to add all five Units at one time?

Units do not have to be bought at the same time. However at least five Units need to be added to your account by June 30, 2022, in order to qualify for the bonus Unit.


Can I split the five Units purchase across multiple accounts?

The five Units must all be added/contributed to the same Tuition Track Portfolio account.


Can I redeem the Bonus Unit into multiple accounts?

The full Bonus Unit will be deposited into the same Tuition Track Portfolio account that the five Units were contributed to and will not be split between multiple Tuition Track Portfolio accounts.


Do I get more bonus Units if I purchase 10 Units?

Only one Bonus Unit can be redeemed per unique Invest529 Tuition Track Portfolio  individual account owner and beneficiary (student) combination.


More questions? Read the Terms and Conditions here.



*Virginia529 will make a $140 contribution/1.01 Unit to qualifying Invest529 Tuition Track Portfolio accounts that have added five or more Units to a new or existing Invest529 Tuition Track Portfolio account, a value of $694.20 by June 30, 2022, and are in good standing on July 6, 2022.

**Virginia529 will contribute the Bonus Unit to qualifying Invest529 accounts on or about July 29, 2022.

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