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Counting down to college

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It’s the exciting time of year when parents and high school seniors keep close watch on their mailboxes for admission news from colleges and universities. For families that own a Virginia529 account, this also likely marks the first time they will use their account for qualified higher education expenses.

Virginia529 is here to help you prepare for your child’s freshman year of college, or entry into another type of post-secondary training program. The following resources will give insight into the financial aid and tax information you need, and you will find the forms required to begin using your benefits. For more detailed explanations of using your program benefits, register for an upcoming “Using My Account” webinar.



Prepaid529 benefits guide Webinar Prepaid529 program description


Invest529 and CollegeWealth 

Invest529 distribution guide Webinar Invest529 program description CollegeWealth program description

Resources to help you learn

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about 529 plans.

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Tune in to a live episode and ask questions of the presenter, or watch a previously recorded webinar below.

Invest529 Portfolio Performance

Review and compare historical returns of Invest529 portfolios.