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Create a Road Map to College

It can be challenging to know when, where and how to start planning for your child’s academic future. Imagine a tool that allows your family to determine which colleges are a good fit academically and financially for your child, to organize the scholarship search in one location, and to plan for college every step of the way through an easy-to-use dashboard and portal.

For Virginia529 customers that tool is the College Planning Center, where you can gather all of your children's college planning and saving information in one place, allowing for a constant, focused view of their academic and financial future.

Do you have a younger child at home? Enjoy access to the age-appropriate tips on when you’ll need to start preparing, financing and successfully applying to college.

Is your child heading into middle or high school? Explore easy-to-understand explanations to help evaluate your savings, scholarships, financial aid, and loans options. Then search the Center’s comprehensive college and scholarship search engines.

Simply log in to your Virginia529 account, and select “College Planning Center” for complementary access to:

The Family Financial Center-Track your college-related costs and calculate expected needs and potential shortfalls

The Passport for Success- Receive grade specific, step-by-step guidance from birth to graduation

Calendar- Set up alerts for upcoming tests, application deadlines, and other important dates

College Snapshots- Get a big picture look at the colleges that might be right for your child, including price, size and acceptance terms

Financial Aid- Find in-depth information about how financial aid works, plus research what scholarships or grants might be available

Planning and paying for college doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the College Planning Center to make the process a more positive and rewarding experience for the entire family.

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