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Dear daughter


David P | Norfolk, Virginia

Dear Daughter, Age 10,

I started your Virginia 529 college savings account in 2007, a little over two years after you were born. I admit, your sister’s was opened when she was less than a week old. I’m sorry. It’s not that I love her more, but because I was ignorant and overwhelmed with being a new dad. I have matured and realize I have a responsibility and legacy to uphold.

Both sets of grandparents put Mom and Dad through college debt free! 15 years ago that was extremely rare, and it’s almost un-heard of today.

They worked hard and sacrificed a lot in order to make it happen without a 529 plan to help. Our parents not only taught us to try to live debt-free but helped make it possible. That’s the largest gift we’ve ever received and I want to do the same for you.

Each month, we save a little money for your college. I don’t know how much it will grow over the next eight years. I don’t even know what college will look like in eight years, but those monthly savings have already provided a great start for you and your sister. While we will have to work hard and sacrifice as well, the 529 plan is helping fulfill the dream of getting you through college debt-free.

I Love You!

P.S. Tell your grandparents that they can help too and it may be tax deductible. They’ll know what that means.

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