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Family Spotlights

Family Values

Tim and Kathy, parents of four, are saving with Invest529 for their children's career education and training after high school.

As Kathy shared, “Our kids have thought about all kinds of careers: doctor, veterinarian, engineer, builder, fashion designer.”

With such diverse interests, the kids could pursue four-year degrees or technical certifications. Kathy’s main concern is giving them “a good start when they launch into adulthood.”

Tim added, “Just like investment for retirement, we're doing the same thing for the kids' college and we talk about it because it's part of our overall plan for them to get higher education. It's become part of our family narrative.”

Kathy and Tim encourage the children to be active participants in building their 529 savings, starting with contributing monetary gifts from grandparents.

This emphasis on the future is resonating with the older children. 

As their 14-year-old and 12-year-old earn money on their own, by babysitting or mowing lawns, they voluntarily choose to add their earnings to their Invest accounts.

Kathy noted, “It’s exciting to see that come from them.”

“It's our values and we want that to be their values, too,” Tim concluded. “Nothing can help you more than education. [It’s] the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you.”

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Resources to help you learn

Virginia529 offers free, in-person information sessions at locations across Virginia. These hour-long sessions highlight the program’s three plans, explain the benefits to account owners and give you the chance to get your questions answered. If you don’t live near one of our in-person sessions, Virginia529 offers online webinars where you can learn more from the comfort of your own home.