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How Long Does it Take for My Money to be Invested?


With the uncertainty of the economy and the evolving trends of the stock market, many 529 account owners and investors are paying more attention to their account than ever before.

And with regular fluctuations in the market, how quickly a contribution is invested is increasingly important.

Prior to April 1, 2020, Invest529 contributions received by Virginia529 on any Business Day1 of the week, would generally be invested within three business days of deposit. 

Starting last month, Virginia529 has modified its Invest529 pending settlement period to allow funds to invest sooner.  Invest529 contributions received on any Business Day will now generally be invested on the next Business Day.

How exactly does this work for investing? The first step involves the account owner making a contribution into their Invest529 account with all contributions subject to the new pending settlement period.

The pending settlement period is the window of time between when a contribution is received and the time the funds are actually invested in the portfolio selected. If the contribution is in good order and received in time to allow for deposit, then generally it is invested by the next Business Day. Virginia529 invests the funds by purchasing units in the selected portfolio at the current day’s Net Asset Value (NAV)2

After your funds are invested in your selected Invest529 portfolio, the value of your account is determined by the daily change in NAV.  For every subsequent contribution to your account, the process is repeated based on the current NAV for your selected portfolio.

Note: While most contributions will generally settle on the next Business Day, in instances where funds are not found to be in good order by Virginia529 during processing they may not be invested or there may be a delay in investment.

Review the Invest529 Program Description for more information about contributions to Invest529 accounts and the program’s settlement period.


1,2Business Day and Net Asset Value are defined terms that can be found in the Invest529 Program Description.

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