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College Savings 101

How to Plan Your Virtual College Visits


College planning moves fast for families during the summers before a student’s junior and senior years of high school. It’s the prime time to have an honest conversation with your student about what they want from a college and how much your family can afford.

Start off by making a list of potential colleges based on the type of school, academic programs offered, location, size and cost. If you’ve saved for college in a 529 plan, you might also want to plan to talk to a financial aid officer about the best way to use those assets to help pay for your child’s education. 

Traditionally, those conversations would happen on college visits during the summer months. But with campuses shut down and admissions offices working remotely, prospective students may be unable to do in-person visits for the foreseeable future.

With a little bit of prep, you can “visit” more schools through virtual tours than you might be able to in person. Here’s an article that describes how to make the most of virtual college visits.


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Virginia529 offers free, in-person information sessions at locations across Virginia. These hour-long sessions highlight the program’s three plans, explain the benefits to account owners and give you the chance to get your questions answered. If you don’t live near one of our in-person sessions, Virginia529 offers online webinars where you can learn more from the comfort of your own home.