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Intent to Enroll Forms Due May 19

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Prepaid529 account owners have an important deadline approaching: May 19, 2018, is the deadline to submit the Prepaid529 Intent to Enroll form for the Fall 2018 semester.

The Intent to Enroll form informs Virginia529 of your student’s plans regarding Prepaid529 benefits. This form is required when a student wishes to:

  1. BEGIN using Prepaid529 at an eligible educational institution;
  2. CHANGE the eligible educational institution at which the student will be using Prepaid529;
  3. STOP (including temporarily) using a Prepaid529 benefit; or *
  4. WAIT to use a Prepaid529 benefit at a later time. *

* In scenarios C and D, Virginia529 will not distribute a Prepaid529 benefit until you submit       another Intent to Enroll form with new instructions.

If you already are using your Prepaid529 benefits and have no changes to the school authorized, then you do not need to submit a new Intent to Enroll form.

Account owners with high school seniors should have received information about this process by email or U.S. mail. You may find the Intent to Enroll form on our website.

Review the Prepaid529 Benefits Guide for more information.

Intent to Enroll form Prepaid529 Benefits Guide

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