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Invest529 Opens a New Target Enrollment Portfolio

New year, new baby? No problem!

Preparing for your child’s future education goals can be a daunting task for some parents. When your days are still preoccupied with diaper changes, daycare pickups and bottle-feeding schedules, there tend not to be many indicators as to what your little one’s professional future will hold. One thing that families saving in a 529 account recognize though, is that starting as early as possible --- even as soon as your baby is born --- gives your money as much time as possible to grow.

As of January 1, 2023, Virginia529 is now offering a 2042 Portfolio within its Invest529 Target Enrollment roster. The 2042 Portfolio will be the suggested portfolio for children between the ages of 0-3 years.

Target Enrollment Portfolios, also known as the “set it and forget it” approach to investing, follow a strategy that annually shifts from riskier investments (like equities) and toward more conservative investments (like bonds and cash) each year as you get closer to using the funds for your child’s post-high school education. These portfolios are designed to closely match your student’s expected high school graduation date, and they are a good place to start for parents who are new to saving and investing since the investment risk is managed by Virginia529.

Think of it like saving for retirement: the closer you get to retiring, your investment approach should probably be more conservative. Any investment choice, though, should be talked over with a professional who is qualified to help you with your unique financial situation. Related: Three Things to Know about Target Enrollment Portfolios

The 2042 portfolio will initially have the same allocations as the 2039 Portfolio, although its allocations will begin to shift and become more conservative three years later than the 2039 Portfolio.

Invest529 account owners can take advantage of this new portfolio by opening an additional account or changing an existing investment to this new portfolio. Remember, account owners are limited to only two investment direction changes per calendar year for all Virginia529 accounts held for a specific student.

New to Invest529? Open an account today with as little as $10.

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