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Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled for All Online Accounts

Protecting your online account is of the utmost importance. That’s why Virginia529 has boosted its layered security approach and will enable multi-factor authentication for all customers beginning this fall.

While multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been an optional feature for all Virginia529 accounts, after October 21, 2023 it is required for all customers. Multi-factor authentication uses another way to verify your identity beyond simply providing a password.

When you sign into your online account, you’ll be asked to verify that it’s “you” by sending a code to your phone. You can receive this code by Text/SMS message or with an automated phone call. You can choose to add an authenticator app as well. Though multi-factor authentication requires an extra step when signing into your account each time, it also provides a more secure online experience.

Existing Customer? If you’re an existing Virginia529 customer, multi-factor authentication was enabled for you using the daytime phone number on file for your account. You can always change this phone number after you’ve signed in by updating your security preferences. However, you cannot opt-out of multi-factor authentication. For those customers who previously enrolled in multi-factor authentication, using a phone number or authenticator app, your preferences did not change. But, if you had email verification as an option, that can no longer be used.

Using Personal Finance Software? With multi-factor authentication enabled on your account, data aggregators such as Yodlee, Plaid, or Mint® will be unable to access your account. If you use an aggregator, please consider setting up a Virginia529 third-party access account to avoid any disruptions.

New Customer? New Virginia529 customers or those creating an online account for the first time can follow the on-screen prompts to set up multi-factor authentication.

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