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Name changes coming to inVEST age-based portfolios


Virginia529 is updating the names of inVEST’s age-based evolving portfolios to reflect the expected year of the initial distribution for each. For example, a child in the recommended age range for Chesapeake may need the funds in his or her account for higher education around 2021. Accordingly, the Chesapeake Portfolio’s new name is the 2021 Portfolio. (Account owners are not limited to the portfolio that corresponds to the beneficiary’s age but may be guided by the beneficiary’s age and their own risk tolerance.)

The Piedmont Portfolio is being renamed Stable Value Portfolio to reflect its completed transition. It also is moving from the age-based portfolio category to the actively–managed static portfolio lineup as its underlying asset allocation to stable value investments does not change over time.

Virginia529 will complete the new name implementation by January 1, 2017. See the chart below for portfolios impacted by these changes.

New Name Current Name Recommended Age Range Allocation on Jan 1, 2017
2033 Portfolio Rappahannock 0–3 73.3% Equity/26.7% Fixed Income
2030 Portfolio James River 4–6 63.4% Equity/36.6% Fixed Income
2027 Portfolio Eastern Shore 7–9 53.4% Equity/46.6% Fixed Income
2024 Portfolio Alleghany 10–12 43.3% Equity/56.7% Fixed Income
2021 Portfolio Chesapeake 13–15 30% Equity/70% Fixed Income
2018 Portfolio Potomac 16–18 8.3% Equity/91.7% Fixed Income
2015 Portfolio Southside Closed to new investors 100% Stable Value
Stable Value Piedmont 18+ 100% Stable Value

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