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Prepay your child’s future today


Looking for the perfect way to fund a loved one’s educational future? Look no further than Prepaid529!

Lock in today’s Prepaid529 contract rates and pay for tuition and mandatory fees years down the line. No matter how high tuition prices rise, you will be covered at today’s Prepaid529 contract prices for the number of semesters you buy.

A Prepaid529 contract brings peace of mind, something past and current Prepaid529 customers regularly celebrate. To them, knowing that their child’s tuition is paid for – regardless of what the future holds – is priceless.

Multiple pricing options and payment plans are available, and you can purchase as many semesters up front as you’d like – whether you buy a single semester or a four-year contract is up to you.

With such versatility, Prepaid529 could be the perfect choice to help you transform your child’s academic dreams into reality.

Read the Prepaid529 Program Description and learn more about Prepaid529 before enrollment closes on March 31, 2016.

Prepaid529 (pdf) Virginia529 prePAID Program Description Open an Account

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