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Take an Edu-Vacation

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Summer is the perfect time to take a family vacation – and there are plenty of ways to work lessons for the children into the relaxation. Whether you’re visiting the beach, a new city, another country or somewhere you’ve already been, a little preparation can make a big educational difference.

Here are some ideas:

Give the kids a say: When planning for your trip, show your child a guidebook or website that details activities and attractions at your destination. Look through the materials together and let your child select an activity for the family to do. This will make them feel like an important part of the planning process and give them some ownership over the vacation, too!

Play tour guide: Before leaving, research your destination and find some historic or notable landmarks to explore. On your trip, visit these places and share your knowledge with the kids. Encourage them to ask questions and learn more about what you’ve seen.

Ask your kids to keep a video journal: If you have access to a smartphone, tablet or camera, ask your child to record a video journal of your family’s travels. This will be a fun way for your child to stay engaged, and it’s something that can be watched over and over again once the trip is over.

Seek out some deals: Whether packing lunches for the family or enjoying a free trip to a park, keep your eyes open for ways to save money on vacation. Take this opportunity to explain the importance of saving, whether for short-term goals – like this vacation – or the long-term goal of higher education. You might also start a conversation with your kids about what they want to do when they grow up and what education is required to get there.

These are just a few ways to keep your children’s minds active while school is out – see how many more you can come up with! Happy travels and happy learning.

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