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Using Your Prepaid529 Account for the First Time


The bags are packed, the classes are scheduled and for college-bound students, it’s time for the next stop on their education journey. For families that own a Prepaid529 account, the fall semester likely marks the first time they will use it. Here are some ways you can prepare to use your Prepaid529 account this academic year.

Review your plan documents.

It’s important to know all you can about your account. The Prepaid529 Benefits Guide has important withdrawal information, explaining when college tuition bills will be paid, and what fees are covered.

Watch an on-demand video.

Want to know more about using your account? Watch an on-demand videos about using your Prepaid529 account through Smart Savers Academy.

Log in to your online account.

You’ll want to log in to your online account at and make sure your contact information is up to date. Most requests can made through your online account, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the portal.

Manage your account.

Visit the Prepaid529 account page to review the payout timeline, checklist and frequently asked questions associated with using your account.

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