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CollegeWealth Customer Offer | Virginia529

An Offer for Truist® CollegeWealth Customers

Interest rates on the Invest529SM FDIC-Insured Portfolio have gone up AGAIN! Currently, accounts in this portfolio earn an industry-leading 5.20%.1 Both account types offer FDIC insurance and the same 529 tax benefits.

Transfer your CollegeWealth account to the Invest529 FDIC-Insured Portfolio, by completing the form below and you could earn 33x more interest annually!


  CollegeWealth/Truist Invest529 FDIC-Insured
Effective Rate 0.15% 5.20%
Administrative fee N/A N/A
Net Rate 0.15% 5.20%

About the Invest529 Program About Invest529 FDIC-Insured Portfolio

Transfer Your CollegeWealth Account to an Invest529 Account

Complete the form below to initiate the change, and you’ll receive a $100 bonus contribution!

Your request to transfer from a Truist CollegeWealth account to an Invest529 FDIC-Insured portfolio has been received. If you’d like to transfer additional accounts, please submit another transfer request for a different beneficiary.

* = required
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Additional Information

  • There are no costs to open the new Invest529 FDIC-Insured account or to transfer the CollegeWealth/Truist proceeds.
  • You must deactivate all automatic drafts into your CollegeWealth/Truist account prior to transferring it to an Invest529 account.
  • By submitting the form, you authorize Virginia529 to open an Invest529 FDIC-Insured Portfolio account (if you do not already have one) and to fund it with the CollegeWealth/Truist proceeds. If you already have an FDIC-Insured account for this beneficiary, Virginia529 will fund that account. You understand this request will change all funds invested in your CollegeWealth/Truist account and future contributions for this account to the Invest529 FDIC-Insured Portfolio account.
  • All account information for a new Invest529 account will be the same as your existing CollegeWealth/Truist account, including survivor designation.
  • You have read, understand, and agreed to the Invest529 Program Description and Terms and Conditions of the $100 bonus offer. You understand that processing this transfer will be handled in accordance with the guidelines provided in both.
  • This account transfer is considered an Investment Direction change. IRC Section 529 limits 529 plan account owners to two such changes each calendar year.
  • If you already have made two Investment Direction changes in 2024 for the same account owner and beneficiary combination, you will not be able to transfer your CollegeWealth/Truist account to the FDIC-Insured Portfolio until January 1, 2025.
  • Information on all Invest529 portfolios is found at: You may find one or more of these portfolios of interest, now or in the future. After Virginia529 funds the Invest529 account, if you choose, you may change the portfolio selection at any time by using the second of your allowed two annual Investment Directions.
  • By submitting above you hereby certify that the information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.


1 Interest rates on the Invest529 FDIC-Insured Portfolio are subject to change at any time based on prevailing conditions.