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Virginia529’s 20th Anniversary

For two decades, Virginia529 has helped people dream, save and achieve.

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An idea to prepay college tuition

A vision to reward and encourage saving

A plan to make higher education affordable

We’re proud to be the largest 529 plan with more than 1.4 million savers across the United States. Thank you for trusting us with your hopes, dreams and savings.

Virginia529 through the years

Our history

Gov. McAuliffe recognizes Virginia529’s anniversary

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Saving Success Stories

Meet a few of the families Virginia529 is helping to achieve their goals.1

Relief after job loss


Focus on what you can afford


Anthony & Clarette C
Alexandria, Virginia

Continuing a father’s legacy

When Dad wasn’t sporting a Cincinnati Bengals shirt on game day, then I’d always find him wearing Central State University, his beloved alma mater. He was the only one of his siblings to graduate from college, an achievement that he boasted of at family reunions. Thanks to his military service, he harnessed the GI bill to fund his college education. The day I enrolled at his beloved alma mater, he could not have smiled any wider. But when family health problems struck, they dried up his years of careful saving. It pained him visibly to see me drop out after my first semester. Years later, after working full–time to put myself through college, and then graduate school, I resolved to build a smoother path for my own kids. When my daughter turned two, we opened her Virginia Invest529 account. When my second daughter arrived three years later, we immediately started her own Invest529 account. Every day I watch with wonder as my girls grow. I watch with an equal amount of horror as the costs of college grow. I am determined to fully harness the girls’ Virginia Invest529 accounts to help us tame that "tuition monster." Earlier this year, I said my final goodbye to Dad. I dream of the day that my girls step forward to receive their college diplomas. Watching his grandchildren carry on the college tradition would surely restore that wide smile to Dad’s face. Virginia Invest529 has been our partner in fulfilling this dream.

Leslie C
Centreville, Virginia

Fulfilling a promise

Twenty years ago on the night before my father passed away we talked and reminisced. We had a wonderful conversation and we laughed and we cried. As we were saying our good–byes for the last time Daddy stopped me and said one of his biggest regrets was that he had not sent one of his five children to college. I reminded him he had given us all so much more by teaching us right from wrong and showing us every day of his life what it is to have a good work ethic . With the tools he had given me growing up I made a promise to him then and there that his two grandsons would go to college. With hard work, focus, and a lot of sacrifice my two sons were the first to attend and graduate from college on both sides of the family. Today we are grandma & grandpa and I pray a new tradition has started and will stay intact for generations to come. We have four little granddaughters and we are only able to save $25.00 a month for each. Our dream is that all four will be able to attend college someday. This would be our legacy and a tribute to my father to leave our granddaughters with enough money for each to go to college when the time comes. That is how the Virginia 529 is helping to make our dream and our loved ones dreams come true.”

Samuel B
Fairfax, Virginia

Financial security leads to happiness

How is the Virginia529 helping my dreams come true? To be honest, it is in every way possible. My mom began teaching me how to save money from the moment I even knew what a dollar was. I was aware of my personal bank account from about the time I started kindergarten, and by then I already knew that saving was important. Not only could you get a free lollipop by going to the bank, but also you could make free money by allowing the bank to manage your funds and accruing interest. The most important way to save and invest though, as I have quickly learned, is via the Virginia529. While many of my friends are paying for their own college tuitions and working hard jobs to pay their loans back, I can just be happy and thankful for my mom’s great sense of savings and investment. The Virginia529 is without a doubt the best investment any parent could make. I am currently a third year student at the University of Virginia, one of Virginia’s finest universities, and I am loving every moment that I spend here. Most importantly, I can wake up every day, go to class, do my homework, and enjoy the company of my friends knowing that I am financially secure and don’t have to pay back student loans. People say that money can’t buy happiness, but the Virginia529 is proof that if money is well managed, it can definitely increase that happiness.”

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1. Customer statements presented herein are applicable only to the individuals making them and may not be representative of the experience of others. These statements are not indicative of future performance or suitability of an investment for other individuals. Call 1-888-567-0540 or visit for more information and program materials. Read them carefully before investing. For non-Virginia residents: other states may sponsor a 529 plan that offers tax or other benefits not available through Virginia529. Virginia529 savings accounts involve investment risk including the risk of loss of principal. Virginia529 does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice.