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Tuition Track

Purchasing additional Tuition Track Portfolio Units is simple. Log in to your Virginia529 account and select “Manage My Accounts,” then “One-Time Contribution.” After you select the bank account you’d like to use for the contribution, you’ll be able to select your Tuition Track Portfolio account and the amount you’d like to contribute. Use the Tuition Track Calculator to determine how many additional units you’d like to purchase.

Every year the Average Tuition at Virginia public colleges and universities, weighted by enrollment, is calculated by Virginia529. That number is divided into by 100 to determine the cost of an individual Tuition Track Portfolio unit. For example, if the Average Tuition for the 2020-21 year was $15,000, the cost per unit would be $150. If the Average Tuition for the 2021-22 year was $20,000, the cost per unit would increase to $200 for new units. The value of previously purchased units will keep pace with Tuition growth.

Tuition Track Portfolio units may be used for K-12 tuition.  However, the value will be based on whether the units being withdrawn have been held for at least three years and whether the account has reached the Expected Usage date.  As with Prepaid529, Tuition Track accounts are designed to be used for post-secondary education.

Yes, account owners can transfer units to younger and older siblings, and to the Members of the Family of the beneficiary within the same generation of the original beneficiary who are eligible at the time of the beneficiary change.   The Expected Usage Date will change as the beneficiary changes.