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Give a gift, get a reward!

This season, it's better to give AND receive.

From now through December 3, 2019, for every $25 in Virginia529 gift cards you purchase online through the Virginia529 Gift Center, receive a bonus $5 contribution to your Virginia529 account (up to $50).

Here's how

  • 1

    Log in to your account
    (Not a Virginia529 customer? Open an Invest529 account to participate in the “Give a Gift, Get a Reward” promotion).

  • 2

    Select “Purchase” button under the “Purchase and Redeem Gift Cards” section

  • 3

    Designate a gift card amount (minimum of $25), recipient and complete the purchase

Get Started

Read official terms and conditions

FAQs for the “Give a Gift, Get a Reward” Promotion

No, Invest529 and Prepaid529 account owners cannot purchase the Virginia529 gift card and redeem it into their own Invest529 or Prepaid529 account.
Virginia529 gift cards must be redeemed online through the Gift Center into an existing or new Virginia529 (Invest529 or Prepaid529) account.
The “Give a Gift, Get a Reward” promotion can only be applied to Virginia529 accounts, therefore only Invest529 and Prepaid529 account owners are eligible to claim the reward. Opening an account is simple and convenient. Get started today to open an account, and participate in the promotion.
No, the “Give a Gift, Get a Reward” promotion is only applicable to digital gift cards purchased on
Account owners must purchase a Virginia529 gift card of at least $25 to receive the reward contribution to an account, however, purchases in increments of more than $25 may be placed on one card. An account owner can receive a maximum reward amount of $50 for the purchase of $250 of Virginia529 online gift cards.
No, the primary qualification for the “Give a Gift, Get a Reward” promotion is that the gift card(s) be purchased online during the promotional period of November 19, 2019 and December 3, 2019.
Virginia529 will make the reward contributions to the qualifying Virginia529 accounts on or about March 30, 2020.
Virginia5259 will contribute the reward to the Invest529 account if the account owner owns Invest529 and Prepaid529 accounts, or to the most recently opened Invest529 or Prepaid529 account if multiple accounts are owned by the gift card purchaser.