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Tuition Track Portfolio Unit prices increase at the end of the day on Sunday, July 14. The cost to purchase Tuition Track Portfolio Units shifts annually on or about July 15. Open an Invest529 account and designate the Tuition Track Portfolio as your investment option by July 15 to purchase at the 2023-2024 unit pricing! Learn more about the Tuition Track Portfolio price change.

Tuition Track Portfolio

Prepay today, save for tomorrow

College tuition has grown an average of almost 5% a year for more than a decade. With tuition continuing to increase, how can you have peace of mind your savings won’t fall behind?

Keep your family’s college savings on course with Invest529’s exclusive portfolio option for Virginia residents – the Tuition Track.

Meet the Tuition Track Portfolio

What is the Tuition Track Portfolio?

A portfolio that keeps pace with Average Tuition growth across Virginia’s colleges and universities. Your savings will grow at the same rate as annual tuition increases.

Why save in the Tuition Track Portfolio?

No fees, no worrying about market ups and downs. Just simple, flexible and affordable savings.

A protected investment

The Tuition Track portfolio eliminates the risk of stock market volatility, while keeping pace with tuition growth. So whether it’s a tuition increase or a sharp market downturn, the risk to your account is minimal.

A guaranteed value

The value of your savings grows at the same rate as average tuition at public colleges and universities in Virginia, but your account can be used at any eligible school in the country. Plus, it can be used to pay for tuition, books, meal plans and more!

A fee-free option

Unlike other Invest529 portfolios, there are no asset-based fees assessed on funds saved in the Tuition Track Portfolio.

How does Tuition Track work?

Review all of the Tuition Track portfolio details before you open an account.

Get the Details

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Tuition Track Performance

Explore the underlying assets and historical performance.

Tuition Track Webinar

Learn about the portfolio details in this on-demand session

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Learn what information you’ll need to start your savings journey.